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There is more than one approach to losing weight.  The obvious ones are to eat right and burn more calories than you take in.  These we of course highly advocate and are necessary for good health, in addition to losing weight.  But there is also another way to go: building lean muscle, which by itself burn calories and reduce weight.

Let us be clear about this: this site is not for body builders.  That is an entirely different subject.  Also, we are not talking about building big muscles so you can look great at the beach.  Basically, we are talking about strong lean muscle that creates stronger joints, stronger core muscles, better balance, and with that will come muscle tissue that will virtually eat up calories 24/7, as long as you keep a reasonable work load so they stay maintained.  Of course in the meantime you will look and feel better.

My name is Rich Carroll, and I describe myself as an enthusiast of overall good health.  I work out at a health club on a regular basis, but I am always looking for ways to improve my workout routines.  As a result, I read magazines such as Men’s Health, and ask a lot of questions of trainers and health professional.  My purpose is to pass along this knowledge.

The health industry in general and the physical training segment in particular, continues to go through enormous change.  Things that were considered state-of-the-art training procedures until recently have come into question, and there continues to be widespread disagreement on what works and what doesn’t.  We will explore some of these ideas for training, supplements, the right kinds of foods, and the psychological aspects that go into training.  We will always have one end result in mind: safe, healthy training methods for the “average” person, man or woman, who wants to add lean muscle without any idea of “body building”.

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