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Rich Carroll

Cooling Down Exercises- Why They Will Be So Essential

Use Cooling Down Exercises to Evade Injuries

Cool Down Exercises

Many years ago I learned the necessity of cooling down exercises.  I had a track coach who, after a particularly strenuous workout, would literally push a person if he stopped to relax to keep them moving.  As it seemed much better just to flop down and recover in the prone position, I assumed he was merely being mean.  Well, he was a mean chap.  However it seems he understood what he had been talking about.

Lots of people prefer to have a slow down period just because it feels like that’s a part of an effective workout, but the most important motivation why all of us must do it is to help regulate blood flow.  Whenever we perform demanding workouts of high intensity the blood vessels in our legs expand, sending additional blood to our feet and legs.  If you stop working out abruptly the heart rate also slows down and blood which was sent to your lower body stays there, creating dizziness and sometimes fainting.

Everyone Should Build Cooling Down Exercises Into Their Workouts

It can happen to anyone, however the risk is greater for high-level athletes, as their hearts rates usually slow quicker and their veins are capable of holding more blood.  It has basically been recognized as a myth that going through a slow down period can prevent muscle soreness.  You will find a few other  remedies to assist you with that, like eating berries which contain polyphenols and types of foods which have essential fatty acids like salmon.

So now that you are sure that cooling down is essential after your workout, what are some ways to correctly cool down after a workout?  To settle down following power walking, slow down your speed in the final five to ten minutes.  After a run, break right into a brisk walk.  Subsequent to swimming, slow your pace and vary your swimming stroke.

Avoiding Shocking the System Should Be Behind Cooling Down Exercises

Busybody Exercises for Bodies Too Busy to Exercise

Busybody Exercises for Bodies Too Busy to Exercise

The concept is to be kind to your system and never put it through any kind of shock applications.  Move into your workout routines slowly and back off just as slowly.  At times you may have to get slightly imaginative whenever you have a tendency to trim warm ups and cool downs out.  I know individuals who, instead of driving to their workout, vigorously walk to it.  The only way to get home for them is a cool-down hike.  It might seem unimportant, nevertheless your system is going to thank you in the long run.

Many people consider warming up stretching will be all that is required to starting a workout, and then stretching for their cooling down exercises.  It can definitely become a component of the routine, but you will not really be regulating blood flow through merely stretching.  It might help your performance and reduce your possibility of injuries, as putting your muscles and joints through a full range of motion is going to help.  Particularly if you might have an damaged or tight muscle, stretch it out but only after you have warmed up.

By incorrectly stretching as part of your cooling down exercises phase, you possibly can make your muscle issue worse.  Maintain the stretch for about 30 seconds, or you don’t get the full benefit from the stretch.  Do not bounce, but always keep it gentle and never stretch to the point when you are in pain.


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Water and Exercise- Is Water the Only Option When Working Out

Water and Exercise, and How Sports Drinks Stack Up

We have been told that water and exercise go together when we work out, but is water the only option?  In view of the fact that the body is comprised of in excess of 75% water, and so long as we will be alive we keep getting rid of it, it is imperative that we constantly replenish our bodies of  liquid.  We know that almost 70% of adults don’t receive the basic amount of water over a every day basis, and that obviously includes many that never work out.  Toss workouts into the equation and our need for liquids goes higher.

Water and Exercise

So we’ve heard frequently of the need for water, but can other liquids like sports drinks, soda and coffee accomplish the same when working out.  Let us take the last two, as they are easiest to dismiss.  Soda is simply a lot of meaningless calories, and it is not only bad for everyone under ordinary conditions, but terrible when you are earnest about working out.  With caffeine, it elevates your heart pace as well as blood pressure, and if you’re working out you most likely will not want them additionally enhanced using caffeine.  It is in addition a diuretic and cause losing fluid, which obviously isn’t helpful to fitness activities.

Water and Exercise Are Best for Lower Intensity Work

Handbook of Drinking Water Quality

Handbook of Drinking Water Quality

Sports drinks and water gets a bit more complicated.  When you are planning a shorter workout, for instance lower than an hour, with not a large amount of intensity, then using water keep hydrated is going to be good.  But if you’re doing lengthier workouts or perhaps a shorter, elevated intensity training, the drain in many of these necessary nutrients required to keep you working efficiently may be drained.  The necessity for fluid and electrolyte substitution will certainly depend on the rate of water loss as you sweat, weather conditions, as well as duration and intensity of your exercise routines.  But duration of the workout is a essential factor, as lowered intensity training done for a long period may still need a sports drink.

There Are Differences in Quality of Water

As there are differences in sports drinks, drinking water could vary with quality.  Ionized water can offer nearly six times the hydration and absorption of bottled waters.  Dematerialized water shouldn’t be consumed by athletes, since it tends to leech electrolytes from your body.  The best water for sports performance will be water that is ionized and mineral rich.

Sports performance drinks additionally will give different results.  Electrolyte replacement drinks will be the best for top-intensity, reduced length activities.  Carbohydrate substitute drinks will be suitable with activities lasting one to three hours.  Protein drinks would go in the group of workout restoration drinks.  Lastly, energy drinks, being elevated in carbohydrates and caffeine actually promote dehydration and are not suggested for serious or endurance athletes.

It will be essential never to delay until we get feeling thirst before commencing to replenish our liquids.  There is quite some time lag from when we actually need water and the time we become thirsty.  It is believed that the majority of people have already lost two or greater cups from the body’s water supply whenever we experience thirst.

This puts our system in catch-up mode and triggers a myriad of misleading impulses that our system is simply reacting to.  For getting around this at all times maintain a bottle of water convenient and take some on a frequent basis.  And as we point out in our article Water Help You Lose Weight, there are many advantages to keep fully hydrated with water.


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How to Get Motivated to Exercise- 5 Things to Think About

Some Thoughts on How to Get Motivated to Exercise

Here we will talk about five approaches to how to get motivated to exercise and reduce weight.  But our main emphasis is that it has to come from within if it is going to be valuable. We can employ personal trainers to help with our fitness, or report back to friends as to our improvement, but it must be inner directed.  Success or failure is going to only originate from the person, and the way that person is motivated.

How to Get Motivated to Exercise5 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

1. Make your objectives explicit. You must truly commit to your goals to be properly motivated.  Ambiguous aims such as, “I’m going to start losing weight,” are not targeted enough.  Instead, use goals like, “I’m going to lose one pound per week over the next ten weeks,” and then lay out an explicit plan to meet those attainable goals become much easier to visualize.  In this case you have laid out quantifiable goals, and then add in the emotional investment by visualizing what you will look like when you have lost those ten pounds.

2. Set out a line of attack. Your strategy must start off with a good eating habits, then a specific agenda for how that diet can be incorporated into your daily routine.  Exercise without a proper eating routine will make attaining your weight-loss goals nearly impossible. An article Does Water Help You Lose Weight brings to light why water must be a staple in your diet.

Busybody Exercises for Bodies Too Busy to Exercise

Busybody Exercises for Bodies Too Busy to Exercise

3. Establish optimistic, achievable targets.  Your attainable targets have to be ones that can be accomplished using measures that won’t do long-term harm to your health.  There are many Spartan-like diet programs that might take weight off, but the cure may be worse than the disease.  How to get motivated to exercise must include a diet that is sustainable long-term.  And keep the targets upbeat and optimistic, such as how you visualize yourself to look, not how you hate to look.

4. Share in your progress.  It is always a great motivation if there is someone who you can share your achievements with.  Ideally that would be someone who is as emotionally involved in your objectives as you are, and someone who will not only give you praise for your success, but encouragement and occasionally “tough love” when you falter.  Keep in mind that they sometimes walk a fine line, and occasionally will say the wrong thing at the wrong time, so be patient with them.  If they truly have your best interests at heart, both of you will get past it.

5. Keep your eye on the long-term vision.  When we use the term “diet” it automatically locks us into thinking short-term, and when the diet is over, we can go back to our old bad habits.  Of course we know where that leads to.  Our diet should be our way of life, and that should be for the rest of our lives.  Our bodies then become accustomed to that lifestyle, and we no longer need motivational techniques to keep us on course.

We can encode our body just as a computer gets programmed. Pick out the foods that will gain you muscle, as they will help you gain lean muscle to look and feel better while they help to burn fat.  When we program our bodies properly, over a period of time that is what it’ll come to anticipate, and how to get motivated to exercise will come naturally.


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Warm Up Stretches- Why Your Preworkout Schedule Is So Imperative

Warm Up Stretches Prior to Your Work Out

Proper warm up stretches are something that we may not get immediate payback from, that is until we pull a muscle or otherwise injure ourselves during our training.  Stretching out is important for everyone of every ages, but for those getting a little older when the muscles are not quite as supple it becomes especially vital.  But if everyone would take them seriously, even those getting into strength training, good habits will lead to better health.  Here are some reasons why and a helpful workout plan.

Why Warming Up Is Important

Your body goes through a series of changes when you start exercising.  First your body’s respiratory rate increases, then you will have a push in blood circulation, which means nutrients and oxygen will be delivered to the cells at an elevated rate.  Keeping them regulated so they gradually increase rather than suddenly spike will decrease the stress on the system.

Warm up Stretches

Use What Works for You

The idea going into your exercise routine is to properly prepare the nervous system, loosening up the muscles and joints, and finally heightening your mental awareness.  The whole process allows the heart enough time to make the switch to the quicker pace.

Warm Up Stretches Is More Important As We Age

Aging makes the situation even more critical.  Our muscles and connective tissues get less supple as we age, and the heart and lungs as well as other organs don’t have the same vibrancy.  Sudden jolts of activity make us more susceptible to stroke and heart failure without properly warming up. Exercises such as Pilates and yoga usually begin with low intensity start-ups.

So how do we get started?  Anything that gets the heart beating at an increased rate, such as jogging, cycling or fast-paced walking can be done.  Then gradually elevate the tempo until the heart rate begins to increase.  This will vary depending on your level of fitness.  If you are working out in the cold you may want to go a little longer, but generally five minutes should be enough.  You are not looking to get yourself exhausted at this point.

Proper Warm Up Stretches Begin After a Light Sweat

Anatomy of Stretching

Anatomy of Stretching

After a light sweat, do some stretching.  This will help your overall flexibility, but it is probably best to think of doing stretches for the overall body, not a specific area.

One exercise that we can get from yoga is to stand as upright as you can, arms extended over your head and hands clasped.  As you reach as high as you can go, with feet together and knees locked, reach as far as you can to the right and hold that pose.  Then do the same to the left, then backward, then forward until you extend and touch the floor.  You will feel that most areas of the body will be involved.

A key to stretching is never bounce. It can cause muscle pulls or small muscle tears that though you may not notice will eventually weaken the muscles over time.  Watch a cat stretch out; they stretch slow and hold the stretch for a period of time, and never rush.

Understanding ways to work out safely are necessary to keep away from injury.  Everyone should be working out, but taking the necessary precautions is as important as a workout by itself.


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Exercise Induced Asthma- You Can Exercise but You Must Be Vigilant

Things to Know for Exercise Induced Asthma Sufferers

exercise induced asthmaIt is possible for sufferers of asthma workout without having an attack, but they will have to take some precautions. So just what will individuals with exercise induced asthma have to keep alert of while exercising?   By taking these precautions almost everybody having asthma take part in regular exercise.

Asthma is the chronic inflammation of the air passages that lead to the lungs.  It may feature abrupt attacks followed by periods of moderate or no symptoms in the least.  This inflammation will be triggered by outside circumstances, and when a person having asthma gets exposed to one of the triggers, the breathing passages become inflamed and the conditions start.

Watch for the Signals with Asthma

With asthma that is exercise induced, warning signs usually show six to ten minutes after exercise begins, and will sometimes increase in cold, dry conditions.  When you have been up the previous night with your asthma symptoms, it is best to go easier in your exercise routine the following day.  Your medical professional should be capable of steer you best throughout the handling of asthma, nevertheless it’s imperative that you be proactive and know your situation.  You are the first to know when an asthma attack is eminent, so take your medicine and know what to do as you feel asthma warning signs coming on.

Some facts to be familiar with when it will come particularly to exercise induced asthma:

Exercise-induced Asthma: Pathophysiology And Treatment

Exercise-induced Asthma: Pathophysiology And Treatment

1.    While working out, try breathe through your nose.  If you breathe through the mouth, air comes into your lungs that’s colder and drier.  An asthma attack might be set off as this colder, drier air collides with the warm, moist air in the lungs.  Breathing through the nose as much as possible is going to warm the air and cleanse it prior to hitting your lungs.

Individuals with asthma that is exercise induced are thought to be more sensitive to variations in humidity and temperature.  Exercises like Bikram Yoga will help you by giving you a great work out routine in conditions that are high in humidity and heat.  After an opening deep breathing routine, all breathing gets done through the nose.  You may want to look into it if you have problems with asthma.

2.    Exercise induced asthma can bother folks who don’t have any other triggers and face no asthma symptoms under any other circumstances.

3.    If asthma gets left untreated and inflammation continues, narrowing in the airways on a permanent basis may occur.  You will find medicines that are used to avert the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

4.    Asthma can’t be cured, nevertheless it can be controlled by medication.  Those with exercise induced asthma and no other symptoms, medication is generally taken prior to working out to manage those symptoms.  There are a number of elite athletes with asthma, which will be inspirational to anyone who has the condition to search for ways to control it.

Cardiovascular exercise certainly doesn’t have to stop if you have asthma.  Individuals with the condition have some problems that people who are asthma-free do not have to cope with.  But with correct medication, assistance from a qualified professional, and a plan on how to cope both before any problems set in or when emergencies should arise, everyone ought to be in a position to participate in their favorite exercise program.


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Top Health Clubs- What You Should Look for in a Fitness Center

Five Things to Look  for in Top Health Clubs

top health clubs

Location Is Always Important

Some of the top health club chains appear to be popping up everywhere, and we ought to be thankful that more people are getting into the fitness craze and supporting these establishments.  You will find many clear advantages to joining a health club, and they will be well worth the price, as long as they are utilized on a regular basis.  So when you’re looking to enroll in one, or aren’t convinced you’re happy with your fitness center you now belong to, allow me to share a number of suggestions to think about prior to taking out that membership.

Your Top Health Clubs Must be Ideally Located

1.    Location.  Probably the initial factor you should think about while when looking at top health clubs.  If it’s not convenient it will add more time for your training, and if you are pinched for time it will be a day you don’t go.  Someplace you’ll be able to get to without delay easily, either from home or work,  should top your list.

2.    Relaxation level in the facility.  Have a plan of the things you want before you even go through the entrance when checking one out.  What kind of training program would you plan to do?  Ensure that the club fits your needs, and not accepting what the center has and then building your workout exercise agenda around that.  Perform a thorough inspection of the place during the hours you will probably be working out.  Is it clean and properly run?  Do you think you might be relaxed there, as you are going to be spending a great deal of time there.  Is there enough equipment in the time period you are going to be there, or are people waiting?

Successful Programs For Fitness And Health Clubs:101 Profit Ideas

Successful Programs For Fitness And Health Clubs

3.    All of the costs involved.  There will probably be a per month membership charge, and maybe a cost to join.  Understand what your charges include, and if there are any unseen costs.  In addition, get an idea of how often they’ve raised their rates, and how long your rates will be good for.  The top health clubs will have that all clearly laid out.

4.    Personnel.  If you intend on getting a trainer for one of there fitness programs, make sure their instructors are certified specialists that can work with you.  There are a range of things to search for in a instructor, and one that is ideal for one person may not be the one for your needs.  But whoever you work with, there are actually definite requirements a trainer ought to meet.  Furthermore, it is always a nicer atmosphere if the staff is courteous and helpful.

5.    Programs.  Do you think you’re looking for some club that focuses on a specific area, such as a program?  If so, are they equipped to handle your requirements?  When you’re looking to start classes, pick the facility that offers classes you are interested in, and monitor the class to check it out.

Because there is often a signup to join for most top health clubs, you want to make sure getting in if it fits your requirements, and clearly to accomplish that you have to recognize beforehand what your needs are.  Asking other members for his or her input isn’t out of line, and might offer some insight.  Do not be pressured to make a quick choice, and after you have, enjoy your home away from home and enjoy the experience.


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Free Weights Workout- Are they Really Better than Exercise Machines

Machine vs Free Weights Workout- What’s the Best

Until weight machines came on the muscle-building scene, the free weights workout was the long-standing approach to muscle development.  So what is the best- the machine workouts or a free weights workout?  Each do have their advantages and people will swear by one or the other, so we will try to answer some questions about each.

Workout machines have their place for those getting into exercise and are getting their strength up to speed.  They can concentrate of certain muscle groups within an exercise, and the stability of the machine will provide a safety factor.  Strength training advocates will almost always opt for the free weights, as they will tax the core muscles to give a more overall workout for the body.

Until Fifty Years Ago It Was Only a Free Weights Workout

It wasn’t until the 1960s that workout machines started to make their appearance in gyms and fitness centers.  By the time the Seventies rolled around, weight training for the masses became to be more popular, some say because of the Arnold Schwarzenegger film “pumping iron”.  Of course if you are selling exercise equipment, you have salesmen touting that equipment, and in some circles this apparatus became the panacea for weight machines.

Complete Guides The Complete Guide To Training With Free Weights

Complete Guides The Complete Guide To Training With Free Weights

Progressive loading of resistance is one area that exercise machines have over free weights.  Cams that vary the resistance throughout the routine can exert maximum resistance to the muscle groups as the routine is performed.  Free weight movements cannot achieve this.

As mentioned previously, safety can also be a plus.  A spotter, or someone to guard against injury during the use of free weights, will not be needed.  Many times if you don’t have a spotter available, it could diminish what you get out of a workout.  The assistance of a spotter creates encouragement and a sense of confidence and enables the lifter to complete the exercise safely and effectively.

Weight machines are best for those starting out since they help you manage and stabilize the load, therefore allowing them to work on appropriate form without the worry of injury.  Not everyone is for them, obviously.  On the negative side, many high-level body builders are against their use because you will not provide the muscle with a full range of motion.  Also, it won’t be as beneficial because you are not using and building your core muscles because you don’t have to stabilize weight.

The Benefits of Free Weights Workout

So we are looking to use many additional muscle groups, especially in the core, when using free weights.  This results in providing a much more complete workout.  You are doing all the controlling of the weight; there are no cables or any other supports to help you.

A further advantage of free weights is their adaptability.  With a little imagination you can duplicate various sports activities, or with a variety of approaches customize your workouts.  Furthermore, free weights hardly ever break or wear out as weight apparatus can.  But you can get into trouble using free weights if you are a novice and don’t know what you’re doing; you will be much more prone to accidents.

So which are better?  If you are just starting and working to get into top condition, it is probably safer to go the machine route.  Minimally until you build up some strength and get an understanding of how to work out safely.  As you become more advanced, you should probably incorporate more free weights into your workouts.  Most veteran trainers will agree that free weights will bring quicker and better results.

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Strength Training for Beginners- How to Start Your Child Off Right

Strength Training for Beginners- Start the Right Way

strength training for beginnersAt just what point should strength training for beginners be able to be executed safely?  It wasn’t that long ago that it was considered forbidden, as the risk for bone injury and growth plate development was too much.  Recently these myths about stunted growth have become just that.

After we have looked at the data from studies for over a decade, it has been found that if appropriately maintained there will be no issues with long-term injury.  The factor that is essential is not to overdo it, and forget about competitive weight lifting or body building.

What Is Acceptable Strength Training for Beginners?

Then when may it be acceptable for kids to start working out?  Says Avery Faigenbaum, professor of exercise science with the College of New Jersey, training can begin when kids have an interest for it and can accept instructions and follow them.  For some children that may be as early as eight years old.  But exercise will have some benefits.  More young people who are athletes and non-athletes are into it to boost motor skills along with overall conditioning and improve muscle strength and endurance.

Strength Training for Teen Athletes

Strength Training for Teen Athletes

Although muscle building used to be an area exclusively for boys, girls are realizing that they aren’t going to gain large, bulky muscles and are starting to get into it.  They now know it will make them stronger and fit and that will give them a more confident feel.

Here Are Some Tips for New People Getting Into Training

1.    Use qualified trainers.  All instruction with strength training  must be done with a qualified trainer who’s background is working with kids.

2.    Utilize a rest day.  Strength training shouldn’t be done on consecutive days, and not more than three times each week.  During other days focus more on aerobics and flexibility.

3.    Start with light aerobics.  The session must begin with a warm-up like jumping rope, but stretching is out.

4.    Think of it as education.  Learning correct principles and procedures of exercise at an early age are some of the important things that can happen to youngsters.  Appreciating the necessities of suitable warm-up and cool-down, and the discipline to maintain a training program  will be with the young person for all their life.

5.    Make it part of a broader exercise agenda.  Coordination, balance, and flexibility are all part of a broad-based training agenda for the beginner that we can get through programs like yoga.

6.    Vary your exercising.  Weight machines and free weights are not the only way to exercise.  Gaining muscle without using weights demonstrates many different ways to get the job done.  Such things as weighted ropes, medicine balls, body weight resistance and elastic tubing are a few tools which can be used efficiently.

7.    Stretching is okay to cool down.  Their cool down time may incorporate stretching along with less extreme calisthenics.

The safest way to get initiated in an exercise routine is to start with little or no resistance, then start building resistance from there.  Only reach maximum resistance when the actual procedure has been mastered.  As the child matures, the trainer will know when to increase the intensity.

The best muscle-gaining method is to get on an individualized program that is custom-made for the person based on goals, where the person is in their training as well as where they are mentally.  The trainer should have experience with strength training for beginners, as a child’s training program should by no means be a scaled-down version of an adult’s regimen.  It must be a pleasant experience to keep them from losing attention.


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How to Raise Metabolism With This Workout Agenda

Approaches to How to Raise Metabolism

To become even more effective on how to raise metabolism, consider what your body needs during different parts of the day.  Everyone has a “body clock”, and your nutrition you need will vary depending on how your body clock operates.  When you can match these properly, you will give yourself the best opportunity to elevate your metabolism 24 hours a day.  The following are some of the ways you will best  increase your metabolism morning, noon and night.

Most of us would agree that the best way to burn fat is too have it working 24/7.  See which foods that can do this, and put them together with these exercise routines and you can be losing weight while you sit at the computer.

How to Raise Metabolism in the Morning

How to Raise metabolismMorning. Most of us would agree that the morning is not the time of our greatest strength (studies say as much as 7% less compared with later in the day). To get our metabolism going in the morning we will want to stick to exercises like rowing, stationary bike or running at about 65% of our normal pace.  These workouts will probably be longer (as much as one hour), and the lower pace won’t force you to use your energy reserves.

Make sure you get a good nourishing breakfast with a lot of protein and complex carbs, as this food will stay in your system longer and allow you to stick to your food plan throughout the day. Try also to get some sunlight, as it an excellent source of vitamin D, which is a known metabolism booster and will help burn fat.

Afternoon Exercises and Diet for How to Raise Metabolism

Afternoon. Your strength is returning, but still not at 100% yet, so you’re not quite ready for the serious lifting of the day.  There is a study that shows for maximum calorie burn, running before weight training helps.  So try doing a ten-minute run, but a little different than you did that morning.  Now you want to ramp up the intensity, so do that with some interval cardio training.

After that carry out twelve minutes of your weight circuit, with a one minute maximum pause between reps.  You should be in and out of the fitness center in one-half hour.  In the afternoon try to maintain even short bursts of exercise such as climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator will help you to maintain your high metabolism.

Nutrition and Metabolism

Nutrition and Metabolism

Keep your lunch a small, nutritious one with sugars and carbohydrates definitely out.  If you will have to have a snack to get you through the afternoon, take a look at our piece healthy nuts.  These are an excellent snack food, and will increase your need for water.

Evening. This time of day is when you are your strongest, so this is when you will want to maximize your weight training.  We know through research that you can burn more calories with six sets of reps using heavy weights as opposed to twelve reps at lighter weights.

After you have completed your day of running at high metabolic rates, you are probably looking forward to a big dinner with an alcoholic beverage.  Remember that alcohol increases your calories, and as your body is processing that alcohol, you won’t burn fat.

As mentioned, if you really want to get into how to raise metabolism to the maximum, it can be a twenty-four hour mission, so there is little time to indulge. Now keep this in mind: what works great for some people is not going to be the right fit for others.  When we offer programs such as this, they are basic guidelines, but hopefully everyone will be able to ge something out of them.


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High Intensity Workout- A Great Way to Reduce Body Fat

If You’re Fit, Try a High Intensity Workout 

high intensity workout

First introduced by the creator of the Nautilus equipment in the 1970s, the principles of the high intensity workout are to keep the routine short, intense and infrequent.  Because of the intensity of these exercises, the emphasis will be on the recuperation part of the routine over more traditional methods.

The intensity of these routines will require you to leave your comfort zone. But the payback is that you will be losing body fat long after the workout and you are sitting on the couch watching TV.  Advocates say these workouts will cause as much as nine times the loss in body fat over running on a treadmill using average speed.  If you are prepared to put your body through these rather difficult workouts, you can cause a great deal more fat burning work than by traditional methods in much less the time.

The High Intensity Workout Was a Standard of the Creator of Nautilus

Here is what goes into these high intensity routines, with the following factors to be stressed:

1.    Extra level of effort. The muscles will undergo maximum stress, which stimulates the body to raise muscular size and power.  As your strength increases, you will constantly but gradually increase the resistance load, always giving the muscles their maximum level of resistance.

2.    Relatively short and infrequent training. The objective is to shorten, not lengthen the routine.  The longer the routine is, the lower the intensity will have to be, as the body cannot endure for long periods of time the stress you should be putting on it.  If the muscles are severely taxed, the recuperation must become longer.  As stated earlier, the key to muscular development is the recuperation period.

3.    The cadence for your lift. Most advocates of the high intensity workout feel that the cadence for the routines is critical, and this has to do with injury prevention.  Controlling the lifts with precise form is a must, and any bouncing, jerking or sudden movements with the weights when you are working with maximum resistance can easily cause injury.

101 High-Intensity Workouts for Fast Results

101 High-Intensity Workouts for Fast Results

It is recommended that the lift be broken down into counts, using a rhythm that has a even and natural tempo. For example, on the lat pull down drill, the cadence will be: Three seconds pulling down, one second temporary halt, three seconds with raising the bar back up, finally having a whole  second rest at the top.  This would be a single repetition.

Some of the skeptics of high intensity workouts say they go against much of the traditional thinking of resistance training.  That holds lifting weights a person can manage eight to twelve times and three separate repetitions is an established practice that goes way back.  But it has been verified that these high intensity workouts can be successfully utilized as a way to gain muscle.

One last bit of advice: don’t try to do fitness drills that are beyond your capabilities. High intensity workouts, such as interval cardio training, should be only done by people who know they are in good shape, and not individuals who are out of shape.  If you haven’t had a physical recently, before you get started you should find out if you are physically able to handle the stress loads. Read more about high intensity aerobics in aerobic training.


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