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Banana Health Benefits- Potassium and a Whole Lot More

Bananas Help to Stop Cramps When Exercising

Bananas should be on everyone’s list as one of the ideal snack foods to be eaten anytime.  We will tout these banana health benefits largely because of potassium, but they are also high in other in other nutritional value.  Add in the fact that they’re easy to handle (they come in their own packaging) and have a natural sweetness when they are ripe, and they should be a part of everyone’s diet.  They are important for those who are building muscle, and it’s all because of the nutrient potassium.

banana health benefitsBananas are one of the best sources, but not the only source, of potassium.  After exercise when the muscles have been broken down, potassium helps to get them firing again, helping to boost recovery.  Here is what potassium does to help the muscles bounce back, and if we don’t get it why we often get terrible cramps.

What Is it about Potassium that You Need

Potassium is an electrolyte that helps control fluid balance on either side of the cell walls.  After the body loses water in large quantities from sweating, a balance is created.  This imbalance causes the muscle cells to become smaller.  With the help of salts, potassium transmits messages to the cells from the nervous system.  These nerve impulses help to control these muscle contractions.

With the stress we put our muscles under, optimal muscle contraction is important for the muscles to carry on while under this stress.  To perform those functions we need enough water and enough electrolytes to carry out the needed muscle contraction.  Bananas, we know, are a prime source, but there are others.

Weight Trainers Have Always Taken Advantage of them

Like every miracle food, bananas should not be your only source of potassium; you can find many other additional options, such as:

Potassium Nutrition

Potassium Nutrition

o Lima beans
o Asparagus
o Avocados
o Nuts
o Beans
o Dry peas and beans
o Cantaloupe
o Potatoes
o Carrots
o Raisins
o Sardines
o Citrus fruit
o Spinach
o Whole grain cereal
o Flounder
o Catfish
o Trout
o Cod
o Green beans
o Peaches
o Prunes and prune juice
o Pumpkin
o Winter squash
o Yogurt

Obviously there are a great number of foods that you can get your potassium from.  By consuming a range of foods consistently you will be able to get the added benefit of a food synergy that is more effective than vitamin supplementation alone.  Also, bananas are elevated in carbohydrates, and you want to keep those carbohydrates to a minimum as a percentage of your total diet.

Some of the other advantages of a diet rich in bananas are its nutrients that will decrease hypertension, which is becoming a greater health issue around the world.  They also have been attributed to helping with healthy bones, higher nutrient absorption, and sustaining a healthy digestive tract, preventing cancer, and also acting as an anti-inflammatory agent.  It definitely is one of those foods to always have around to snack on.


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