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Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D for Gaining Power and Losing Weight

As we learn more about the benefits of vitamin D, we are learning more about how this vitamin will help us.  We will talk about our sources of vitamin D in a minute, but first here are several of the exciting latest findings for this genuine wonder vitamin.  There is in fact verification to linking vitamin D to the reduction of Alzheimer’s Disease, benefits to eye health, helping to prevent Type 2 diabetes, controlling seizure in epilepsy, and the treatment of tuberculosis.

Gaining Strength Will be Among the Major Benefits of Vitamin D

But at this time we are going to concentrate on strength and losing weight.  From a recent investigation available in the journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was established that when trainees combined vitamin D with resistance training there was a greater positive change in waist-to-hip ratio compared with people that did only resistance weight training.  Waist-to-hip ratio is now considered a much better gauge for determining your threat for heart illness and type 2 diabetic issues as opposed to body mass index (BMI). The ratio really highlights the importance of dropping abdominal fat for improved well-being.

Additional research has found that those with higher levels of vitamin D in their body had more arm and leg strength, with a superior correlation established with strength in the arms.  We as a rule associate this vitamin with helping bones take in calcium, but newer findings have shown that it plays a crucial role for the improvement of fast-twitch muscle fibers.  Considering that upper body and arms comprise greater amounts of the fast-twitch muscle fibers as opposed to the legs, this is the reason why the vitamin will have a greater consequence on the upper body.

Vitamin D and Injuries to NFL Players

In one more study of NFL players it had been found that players who suffered muscle injuries generally had significantly lower levels of vitamin D.  Surprisingly, this study found that 27% of the players on this study had deficient amounts, which means that if those deficiencies were addressed by all professional teams it could be possible to scale back athletic injuries, maybe dramatically.

Then how to find the most effective ways for us to get this important vitamin, and is there any risk from getting too much?  The best means is from the sun.  When the cholesterol in the skin is subjected to sunlight, it is converted to vitamin D.  However since we have been told how detrimental cholesterol and sunlight is to our well-being, it is no surprise so many individuals remain deficient.  Like anything, they need to be kept in moderate amounts.  It is suggested that sun exposure on the arms and legs for 5-30 minutes daily twice a week at midday will be sufficient.  This is where we should be getting 80-90% of the vitamin.

Of course if it is winter and you do not see the sunlight for weeks at a time you may have to look elsewhere, and there are some excellent food options.  Vitamin D fortified orange juice or milk is good, as are egg yolks, cheese, fortified cereal and butter.  Salmon and additional fatty fish are also excellent sources.  But since it is suggested that we consume 600-800 IU of vitamin D, which is a lot of salmon to eat if you don’t have supplementary sources.  Supplements in this case may be the final option, but most experts that aren’t selling vitamin supplements concur that this isn’t the top source of vitamin D.



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