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Post Workout Meal- Here Are the Best Foods to Build Muscle

The Best Post Workout Meal to Build Muscle

Here we will talk about when your post workout meal should be, and what types of foods will be best for that meal.  We will discuss protein as the foundation of what you should eat at this time, and it should be within one hour after your workout, and preferably 45 minutes.  This is when the muscles will absorbed the most nutrients and when glycogen is replaced most efficiently.  This is considered the “golden hour”, and is the time when you should be eating the your best diet.

Protein Is the Foundation of Our Post Workout Food

For the foods we will be eating during this golden hour, protein will be first on the list for optimal glycogen replacement.  Next, most experts recommend carbohydrates, and although they are necessary, for proper weight management they should fall well behind your proteins.  When we retool our exhausted muscles with amino acids from the protein we have consumed, we build the muscle stronger than previously.

We will be looking for high protein foods, and what foods are the best for gaining muscle. It doesn’t have to be a big meal, but something like a high-protein shake works well.  Just be careful that it isn’t one of those high sugar, high carb smoothies.

Beef, and fish, chicken and eggs make up an outstanding list of protein sources, but let’s think a step further.  We actually eat whatever goes into those foods, as whatever they eat will go into their muscle fiber,  and that’s what we will end up eating.  So we will get into how these foods are grown or raised.

Foods that Constitute the Best Post Workout Meal:

Post Workout Meal

Elevated Calorie Burn Up to One Hour Post Workout


Grass-fed beef
Organic chicken
Wild salmon
Organic DHA- Enhanced eggs
Organic, plain yogurt
Tempeh (for vegetarian diets)
Quinoa (for vegetarian diets)

You will find something for everyone in this list, with great snack foods, foods that will fit right in with your vegetarian diet plan, and great post-workout foods.  Just remember that because a six ounce steak is an excellent source of protein, a 12 ounce steak is twice as good.  Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.

Low Fat Good Food Cookbook

Low Fat Good Food Cookbook

When we get into diets loaded with carbohydrates and whether they be reduced in the post-workout meal, we are talking to those who are concerned with weight control.  In recent studies it has been established that the consumption of protein enhanced protein synthesis, adding carbohydrates is large or small quantities did little to promote the increase of protein synthesis. This will encourage the body into tapping into its stored extra fat, which is what we want.

This goes against the idea that the body after a workout screams for carbohydrates to build up its missing glycogen levels.  Provided you don’t need to lose any fat or have just finished a marathon, the body has a great supply of glycogen to keep it working optimally.  Also, your regular consumption of carbohydrates on a day by day basis will be more than sufficient, and won’t have to be enhanced in you post workout meal.


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