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Best Strength Exercises

Four of the Best Strength Exercises for the Body

There are far more weight fitness workout routines that may be done than there are muscle groups in the body, and to know those that target which muscle group could be a lengthy exercise.  So we’ve selected four of our favorites, first since taken jointly they cover most of the muscle groups, and also since all of them individually exercise multiple areas.  All but one of these best strength exercises qualify as workouts without the use of weights, so for these you do not even need to go in the fitness center.

What Are the Best Strength Exercises Everyone should be Doing

1.    Lat pull down.  The one drill that needs a machine, you sit with your thighs braced and reach overhead to a bar which is connected to the stack of weights.  The movement will be started through pulling the bar down to underneath the chin, and finishing the exercise by bringing it back to the first location.  A variation of this will be to lower the bar towards the back of your neck, that is certainly great for the upper back, however ought to be done using less weight.

The usefulness of the lat pull down relates to the muscular work around your elbows and shoulder joints.  These exercises are similar to chin-ups, although using the machine you have greater control of the weight being applied.

2.    Lunges. To perform this, stand with your feet shoulder-width spaced out, then stride forward.  Your front knee must be at 90 degrees, and then the action is continued until the rear knee contacts the floor.  The motion is completed by moving upward to a standing position lifting with your front leg.

These workout routines are fantastic for your glutes in addition to the quadriceps, together with keeping the hips and hamstrings supple.  Many variations could be done which will bring other muscle groups to play, such as the use of little weights, either small dumbbells in each hand or barbells.  But this would only be recommended for more advanced trainers.

3.    Pushups.  Also referred to as the press-up, this would be a familiar exercise done in a prone position by raising and lowering your body using your arms.  The exercise really helps the pectoral muscles, the anterior deltoids and also the triceps, with some additional benefit to your core midsection as a whole.

Like all our workouts, many variations for the pushup could be accomplished, either for exercisers that are more advanced or individuals unable to support their weight.  Further advanced forms will be elevating the feet, placing your knuckles to the floor rather than the palms, plus sustaining your weight with your fingertips.  For those less advanced, chair pushups, wall pushups and knee pushups are designed to place less weight into the exercise.

4.    Squats.  This exercise is considered fundamental in support of increasing the strength and size of the legs and buttocks as well as developing strength of your core.  Beginning in the standing position, your hips will be moved back and also the knees bent to the point where your hips are at least to a height of the knees, and preferably lower.  Then using your legs return to the initial position.

Both dumbbells in each hand or barbells across your shoulders can be utilized, and this exercise not only builds strength in this region of your body, but creates better overall flexibility in the hips and knees.  There has been some controversy with this exercise causing injuries with the spine and knees, so watch the video below.  Like most training, particularly for beginners, you must know your limitations and ease into it slowly and using the proper form.

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