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Build Muscle Lose Fat Diet- Taking It to the Next Level

A Build Muscle Lose Fat Diet

Build Muscle Lose Fat Diet

Most people that are in to a build muscle lose fat diet know that protein is a key to muscle development.  We understand what the best muscle-gaining foods are, but if you’re ready to take your diet to a new level there are some alternatives to those muscle building foods that take protein consumption to a higher level.

Protein Alternatives to Build Muscle

1.     Lean beef as an alternative to chicken. We always say that chicken and turkey are better than beef, as they have fewer calories.  But lean red meat has added vitamins minerals and creatine.  This is a compound that is very popular with athletes because it cuts back on lactic acid, which as you have heard reduces your energy levels.  Build it in as a chicken substitute occasionally to kick-start your muscle development.

2.    Calorie Countdown besides skim milk. Although skim milk is high in vitamins, protein and minerals, it still has sugar.  There is a product called Calorie Countdown that has 40% less calories, 75% reduced sugar and 75% reduced in carbohydrates.  These benefits will help you lose fat while developing muscle.  You can find it in the dairy case, and has been around for a few years now.

The All-Pro Diet: Lose Fat, Build Muscle, and Live Like a Champion

The All-Pro Diet: Lose Fat, Build Muscle, and Live Like a Champion

3.      Greek yogurt (fat-free) instead of regular flavored yogurt.  As it is pointed out in our article on Greek yogurt there are factors that make it better.  Greek yogurt has up to two times as much protein as regular yogurt, but with half the sugar. They are both great sources of calcium.  Because it is filtered extensively to remove much of the liquid whey, much of the sugar and lactose is also removed.  Be certain you are getting the fat-free variety, as the full-fat type has  16  grams of saturated fat in just seven ounces

4.    Green tea instead of coffee.  Coffee does have some great health benefits, but it can’t come close to matching what green tea can do.  Their elevated catechin-polyphenols, the compounds that work with other chemicals to significantly amplify fat oxidation levels, is a great asset.  These compounds allow green tea to act as a true food that will burn fat, as they burn fat as if it were fuel.  Originally it was believed that the levels of caffeine was setting off this process, but now the catechin-polyphenols working synergistically with the caffeine is getting the credit.

5.    Canned salmon instead of chunk white tuna.

Salmon will outshine white tuna in taste and omega-3s, they have similar amounts of protein, but canned tuna can have about three times the mercury content. Salmon that is farm raised or wild caught is very healthy and tops most lists of super foods. But try to find product caught in their natural habitat as opposed to farm raised salmon.

It used to be that there were abundant supplies of wild salmon in the Atlantic, but now is nearly all farm raised, and most of the wild salmon is from the Pacific.  Farm grown salmon is not raised in the healthiest of conditions, so you must take some care when eating it.  Fortunately on the Pacific side there have been wise environmental policies implemented to insure their survival, but because they are harvested only during the summer, most often you will purchased the product canned.


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