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Core Strength Exercises to Keep You Fit

5 Reasons to Work Your Core Muscles

When we see anyone, usually the elderly, bent over and walking using slow steps, we typically believe that it’s the ravages of age which has put them in such an awkward position.  We also believe that it is probably irreversible, that at that point core strength exercises won’t work, and that the individual will be doomed to the condition for the remainder of his life.  But why does aging contort our bodies in this way?

During long hours of typing, reading, or hunched over for whatever reason throughout our lives, the muscles shorten and grow weaker with age.  They are the core muscle groups which are reflected in our posture, and will be centered in four areas in the body.  Core muscles pertain to those found within the glutes, lower back, abdominals and obliques.  These four areas will frame our posture, and if we are able to build up their strength and flexibility we are going to feel and look much better while we age.

Some of the Benefits of Core Strength Exercises

1.    Balance.  Losing balance is a most important cause of injury to the aged, and lengthening and strengthening core muscles which have contracted will allow for improved balance.  Yoga that seniors are now doing is becoming very popular, and one of the major aspects of yoga is balance.  Core muscle development is necessary to provide anyone better balance.

2.    Decrease injury.  By muscle toning there will be lower likelihood of injury, especially to the back.  Stretching your hip flexors plus adding resiliency and strength to the lower back and glutes can make those light lifts less difficult devoid of muscle strain.

3.    Better posture.  It may seem like the back muscle groups will have everything to do with posture, however the muscles of the upper and front part of the trunk remain significant.  Strengthening and stretching the abdominal and trunk muscle groups may also strengthen the muscles in the back that extend to the spine.

4.    Improving physical performance.  Improving flexibility will obviously allow the freedom of movement to have the capacity to perform physical activities better.  The idea would be to gradually stretch out these muscles to the point of making them longer.

5.    Sore muscles won’t be a problem.  This is since static stretching of core muscle groups works the connective tissue.  As long as there is no quick, jerky movement in the stretch, there is going to be no real breakdown in the muscle and thus no tenderness.

As we can see from the benefits from a resilient core, stretching and flexibility will be probably more vital as opposed to genuine physical strength.  Fortunately, people at any age may begin doing such core exercises.  Health and fitness experts recommend doing these exercises a minimum of two times a week.  If this core training is accomplished along with additional exercise, either after or even during, ten or twenty minute durations ought to suffice.

Core muscles, then, are fundamental to determining sound carriage, however unless you’re ahead in the game and working on your core previous to it weakening, you probably have not exercised in awhile.  Consequently it is important to know how to work out safely, as attention should be taken even for regular stretching.




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