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Exercise and Stress- Exercise Helps Decrease Your Anxiety Levels

Increase Exercise and Stress Will Go Down

exercise and stress 1It has become more evident of the relationship between the lack of exercise and stress.  Inherently we probably sense this is true, as we do feel less stressed after exercise.  Also, those people who exercise regularly but take a break from exercise for awhile feel the urge to exercise as a stress reducer.  But so many sedentary people who haven’t gotten the benefits of muscle4weightloss programs just allow the stress to pile up, but can’t figure out what to do about it.

So if we are not convinced that exercise relieves stress, perhaps if we had better knowledge as to why it does, hopefully it will provide some motivation for exercising.  Sometimes all it takes to get the ball rolling is that first step.  If you can fully commit to 21 days of workouts, research has indicated that in that time you can turn exercise into a habit.

Exercise and Stress- 3 Ways Exercise Helps Decrease Anxiety

1.    Elevates blood flow. The Journal of the American Medical Association has said that people who endure high stress levels also have greater times of insufficient blood flow into the heart.  Tension causes muscles to contract and blood vessels to constrict.  In time, that tension can interfere with blood flow, which causes poor blood circulation leading to several health issues.  Exercise relaxes those muscles and promotes better blood flow. Swimming, running, fast walking or cycling are all cardio workouts that will be the most effective to raise the heart tempo and improve circulation.  Try to get the heart rate to increase to about 120 beats for 15 minute intervals of exercise and stress will diminish.

Stress Management: How To Remain Calm In A Crisis: Twenty-one Days To De-stress Your Life

Stress Management: How To Remain Calm In A Crisis: Twenty-one Days To De-stress Your Life

2.    Exercise as a reaction to “fight or flight”.  Anxiety for our prehistoric ancestors was a means of survival.  When threatened, stress will prompt the heart and the nervous system in order to either get ready for battle or flee.  This rush of energy was needed for survival, and when the threat was over, there came a relaxation response.

Except for those in certain high-threat vocations, most of us are not confronted with flight or fight situations.  But stress however is still part of our everyday existence.  High intensity training can be a release that allows us to expend energy, followed by the respite time to let ourselves recuperate.  Any exercise routine or activity that allows you to physically exert yourself is going to help shrink anxiety levels and increase your long-term good health.

exercise and stressEndorphins Play a Major Part in Reducing Stress

3.    Endorphin level gets amplified. Endorphins are those feel-good neurotransmitters that are created by our brain to make us feel good all over.  They are mood enhancers that help decrease anxiety and improve sleep.  Yoga is one of those stress releasing workouts that many people are getting into, as the work not only on the body but proper breathing and going into states where the mind has control over stress.

So if a great amount of stress is mind-induced, what is the value of exercising the body so vigorously?  Every aspect of how our bodies function are all intricately woven together, and one aspect is going to have a direct or indirect relationship on the other.  In order to really have control over our stress, mind and body are going to be a part in the areas we administer to.  As stress will always be with us, exercising our bodies and mind will have a direct affect on how we control it.



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