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The Effects Exercise Has on the Mind

The Effects Physical Exercise Has on the Mind

There are so many benefits to exercising, and scientific investigation continues to reaffirm how vital it will be for our mental and physical well being.  Some of the most up-to-date investigation goes counter to what we are lead to accept as true over time, like the notion that you can be too old to start exercising, and more working out becomes inevitably better.  Both of these premises have been proven incorrect, as it is now apparent of the effects that physical exercise has on the mind.

It Is Never too Late to Begin an Exercise Program

Although it is best to exercise consistently all through your life, it really is never too late to start out, and more intensive exercise during a shorter time frame is better than longer exercise durations.  Training becomes more as we advance in age.  We currently know that at whatever age you start to exercise, you can actually increase your flexibility, strength, balance, bone density and mental agility.  The biggest problem to getting started is energy level.  Regrettably, the older we get, the harder it can be to call upon our energy to exercise, and it becomes a “catch-22″.

Another fallacy for training, that more is much better, just does not carry weight.  It may seem counter-intuitive, but tests have shown that people who exercise at moderate levels get better results than people who use a full hour or more each day.  Intensity in the exercise routines does make a difference, however.

It Starts with Getting More Blood to the Brain

So how will working out help our mental health?  A few of the ways this will likely happen is by raising blood flow into the brain, reducing stress plus improving hormonal amounts.  What is even better news is we can experience these benefits almost at once.  The latest neuroscience suggests that physical exercise might be better to mental exercise, which is quite a revelation from what traditionally has been believed.

Until recently it had been thought that we became smarter through human history because we were required to think more.  Those people who were smarter had been more successful on an evolutionary basis, enabling them to pass on their intelligence.  During the last ten years there has been a bigger importance placed on physical activity as the prime driver of greater intellect.

We can apply such concepts to our lives today with the thought that if physical activity will have assisted on an evolutionary basis to configure our brains, it most likely remains vital to brain health now.  There is really a considerable amount of scientific support of this idea.

Much of the testing has been accomplished on laboratory rats.  A couple of the things that have come out of those tests:

1.    The tortoise tactic beats the hare tactic.  Your body as well as the mind function more effectively when you do regular exercise over a long period of time rather than sporadic bursts and then intervals of inactivity.

2.    Brain activity slows slowly when physical activity ceases.  In the tests on lab rats, it took about three weeks of idleness before brain activity began to decline, and it went steadily downhill after that.

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