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Foods to Gain Muscle- A Consistent Diet of These for a Well-Tuned Body

Here Are the Best Foods to Gain Muscle

There is much more to building muscle than hitting the weight room.  There are certainly better foods to gain muscle than others, and getting those foods into your diet is what this article will talk about.  For you to construct lean muscle, it starts with what you feed into your body, in other words, a healthy eating plan.  The addition of a few foods that are especially good for muscle growth will be your ticket to a well-toned body. Here are some of the best foods to put on muscle:

Foods to gain muscle

The Top of the List: Turkey and Chicken

1.            Turkey breast and chicken breast. For building muscle, lean protein is what you want, and these two foods deliver the goods.  The body burns more energy (i.e. Calories) when it processes protein than with other nutrients, so it is less likely to be stored as fat as long as it consumed in moderation.  Plus because of its slower absorption rate, you will feel fuller for a longer period of time.  There are many other foods that fall into this category, but usually not as fat-lean, such as red meat, tofu, beans and lentils and shrimp.

2.            Fruits and vegetables.  We will also look for foods that are high in fiber to promote a digestive system that is fit.  The fiber that you will find in fruits and vegetables do a couple of things: they help in the absorption of nutrients into the system, and others to move food through the system and clean the intestines out.  Read more about soluble and insoluble dietary fiber and protein, and the importance of including both types into your diet.   If your diet has been short of fiber recently and you are going to increase it, bring it up slowly over a few weeks rather than abruptly.  Too much fiber suddenly in the digestive system can cause upset conditions until it becomes accustomed.

101 Muscle-Building Workouts & Nutrition Plans

101 Muscle-Building Workouts & Nutrition Plans

3.            Eggs. Eggs have long gotten a bad rap as cholesterol-laden food that you should avoid.  Eggs are high in cholesterol, but not the kind found in the saturated fat from certain meat.  The latest research has found that the cholesterol found in eggs has a small and clinically insignificant consequence on blood cholesterol.  But again, as long as they are eaten in moderation eggs will be okay.  Much of the health issues with eggs revolve around how they’re prepared.  Because of health considerations raw eggs are definitely out of favor.  If you fry them in bacon grease or other such unhealthy fat, don’t blame the eggs for your clogged arteries.  Hard boiled or poached are among the best.

4.            Salmon and other cold water fish.  You can rarely go wrong if you eat more fish, and because of their high protein content they are helpful for building strong muscle. One of the true super foods in this category is salmon, as it is high in protein as well as iron, vitamins A, B and D, calcium, selenium and phosphorus, all essential for muscle building.

The Best Foods to Gain Muscle Should Not Require Magic Elixirs

There are no quick-fixes to building muscle the right way.  You can target certain areas of the body to develop muscle, but fat is going to be reduced wherever nature says it will be reduced.  You can’t target fat loss, so if you build beautiful muscles in your abs, for instance, you won’t see them until you remove that layer of fat.  It all goes hand-in-hand with an effective exercise program, a good diet that promotes  a well-functioning liver. This will allow the  blood stream to be unencumbered with toxins and excess fats that will allow the nutrients to be delivered effectively.  This is all the healthy human body needs for it to work to build muscle and lose fat.


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