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Free Weights Workout- Are they Really Better than Exercise Machines

Machine vs Free Weights Workout- What’s the Best

Until weight machines came on the muscle-building scene, the free weights workout was the long-standing approach to muscle development.  So what is the best- the machine workouts or a free weights workout?  Each do have their advantages and people will swear by one or the other, so we will try to answer some questions about each.

Workout machines have their place for those getting into exercise and are getting their strength up to speed.  They can concentrate of certain muscle groups within an exercise, and the stability of the machine will provide a safety factor.  Strength training advocates will almost always opt for the free weights, as they will tax the core muscles to give a more overall workout for the body.

Until Fifty Years Ago It Was Only a Free Weights Workout

It wasn’t until the 1960s that workout machines started to make their appearance in gyms and fitness centers.  By the time the Seventies rolled around, weight training for the masses became to be more popular, some say because of the Arnold Schwarzenegger film “pumping iron”.  Of course if you are selling exercise equipment, you have salesmen touting that equipment, and in some circles this apparatus became the panacea for weight machines.

Complete Guides The Complete Guide To Training With Free Weights

Complete Guides The Complete Guide To Training With Free Weights

Progressive loading of resistance is one area that exercise machines have over free weights.  Cams that vary the resistance throughout the routine can exert maximum resistance to the muscle groups as the routine is performed.  Free weight movements cannot achieve this.

As mentioned previously, safety can also be a plus.  A spotter, or someone to guard against injury during the use of free weights, will not be needed.  Many times if you don’t have a spotter available, it could diminish what you get out of a workout.  The assistance of a spotter creates encouragement and a sense of confidence and enables the lifter to complete the exercise safely and effectively.

Weight machines are best for those starting out since they help you manage and stabilize the load, therefore allowing them to work on appropriate form without the worry of injury.  Not everyone is for them, obviously.  On the negative side, many high-level body builders are against their use because you will not provide the muscle with a full range of motion.  Also, it won’t be as beneficial because you are not using and building your core muscles because you don’t have to stabilize weight.

The Benefits of Free Weights Workout

So we are looking to use many additional muscle groups, especially in the core, when using free weights.  This results in providing a much more complete workout.  You are doing all the controlling of the weight; there are no cables or any other supports to help you.

A further advantage of free weights is their adaptability.  With a little imagination you can duplicate various sports activities, or with a variety of approaches customize your workouts.  Furthermore, free weights hardly ever break or wear out as weight apparatus can.  But you can get into trouble using free weights if you are a novice and don’t know what you’re doing; you will be much more prone to accidents.

So which are better?  If you are just starting and working to get into top condition, it is probably safer to go the machine route.  Minimally until you build up some strength and get an understanding of how to work out safely.  As you become more advanced, you should probably incorporate more free weights into your workouts.  Most veteran trainers will agree that free weights will bring quicker and better results.

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