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High Intensity Workout- A Great Way to Reduce Body Fat

If You’re Fit, Try a High Intensity Workout 

high intensity workout

First introduced by the creator of the Nautilus equipment in the 1970s, the principles of the high intensity workout are to keep the routine short, intense and infrequent.  Because of the intensity of these exercises, the emphasis will be on the recuperation part of the routine over more traditional methods.

The intensity of these routines will require you to leave your comfort zone. But the payback is that you will be losing body fat long after the workout and you are sitting on the couch watching TV.  Advocates say these workouts will cause as much as nine times the loss in body fat over running on a treadmill using average speed.  If you are prepared to put your body through these rather difficult workouts, you can cause a great deal more fat burning work than by traditional methods in much less the time.

The High Intensity Workout Was a Standard of the Creator of Nautilus

Here is what goes into these high intensity routines, with the following factors to be stressed:

1.    Extra level of effort. The muscles will undergo maximum stress, which stimulates the body to raise muscular size and power.  As your strength increases, you will constantly but gradually increase the resistance load, always giving the muscles their maximum level of resistance.

2.    Relatively short and infrequent training. The objective is to shorten, not lengthen the routine.  The longer the routine is, the lower the intensity will have to be, as the body cannot endure for long periods of time the stress you should be putting on it.  If the muscles are severely taxed, the recuperation must become longer.  As stated earlier, the key to muscular development is the recuperation period.

3.    The cadence for your lift. Most advocates of the high intensity workout feel that the cadence for the routines is critical, and this has to do with injury prevention.  Controlling the lifts with precise form is a must, and any bouncing, jerking or sudden movements with the weights when you are working with maximum resistance can easily cause injury.

101 High-Intensity Workouts for Fast Results

101 High-Intensity Workouts for Fast Results

It is recommended that the lift be broken down into counts, using a rhythm that has a even and natural tempo. For example, on the lat pull down drill, the cadence will be: Three seconds pulling down, one second temporary halt, three seconds with raising the bar back up, finally having a whole  second rest at the top.  This would be a single repetition.

Some of the skeptics of high intensity workouts say they go against much of the traditional thinking of resistance training.  That holds lifting weights a person can manage eight to twelve times and three separate repetitions is an established practice that goes way back.  But it has been verified that these high intensity workouts can be successfully utilized as a way to gain muscle.

One last bit of advice: don’t try to do fitness drills that are beyond your capabilities. High intensity workouts, such as interval cardio training, should be only done by people who know they are in good shape, and not individuals who are out of shape.  If you haven’t had a physical recently, before you get started you should find out if you are physically able to handle the stress loads. Read more about high intensity aerobics in aerobic training.


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