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How to Gain Muscle Without Weights- Easy Techniques When You Travel

How to Gain Muscle Without Weights

How to Gain Muscle Without Weights

How to Gain Muscle Without Weights

In our busy world there are times when we are forced to improvise.  One of those times is when we can’t get to the gym but still need a workout.  At those times knowing how to gain muscle without weights will be good to know, and although you may not get the broad range of exercises you will at the fitness center, we will show you how to get a pretty complete workout.  For an effective muscle4weightloss exercise agenda, you have to be prepared to do them even when the circumstances aren’t perfect.

So if you are a regular at a fitness center, what do you do when you have to go out of town?  You may be able to find a fitness center, but if you can’t you don’t just want to cancel doing your routines.  Or for those that can’t afford to become a member at a health club.  A great workout with free weights is probably the best training you can do, but there are other options that will allow you to stay fit.

Some Easy Ways How to Gain Muscle Without Weights

Here are some of the different methods you can train on your own:

1.    Upper body. These are great for building the deltoids, chest and shoulders, and can be completed with only a little space.  From a face-down position extended out on the floor, just use your arms and push yourself up keeping a rigid body.  There are many variations of this exercise that can be done.  If you want to add more weight, elevate your feet on a step or box and do the routine.  Or to decrease your weight, do the push-ups with your knees on the floor, or leaning against a wall and push yourself away.

Another exercise that isn’t as well-known is the praying hands.  Simply place both hands together like you were praying, bend your elbows at 90% or extend your arms straight and press your hands together.  Do this as intensely as you can, stop and then repeat.

1 year limited all club sport membership

1 year limited all club sport membership

2.    Other upper body exercises. For a great exercise for your triceps and back, position two chairs on either side of you, put your hands on either chair and decrease your weight down, then push yourself back up.  You can do chin-ups by grasping a bar over your head and pulling yourself up.  You can tax different parts of the body by the way you position your hands on the bar and varying the way you pull yourself up.

Ways for Gaining Muscle Without Weights for the Legs Muscles

3.    Leg muscles. Squats are great for leg muscles, and can be done a few different ways.  Most common is to stand with your feet spread apart, then lower your weight gradually down to as low as you can go.  Be careful not to do any damage to the knees or hamstrings, and if the pressure in these areas becomes too great, support yourself to take some of your weight off.

4.    Stomach muscles. To do effective crunches, lie on your back with feet on the floor and your hands behind you.  Then lift your upper torso up and hold the position for five to ten seconds, then release.  They are wonderful for the abs, but can be painful, especially if your stomach muscles are not strong.  Leg lifts can be easier, as you lie on your back with your legs straight and lift your feet off the floor for as long as you can.

These are just a few ways on how to gain muscle without weights, and there are others; just let your imagination run wild.  Individuals just beginning their training as well as seasoned veterans can benefit from these workouts, but all workouts to be effective must be accompanied with a healtheybalanceddiet.


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