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How to Get Motivated to Exercise- 5 Things to Think About

Some Thoughts on How to Get Motivated to Exercise

Here we will talk about five approaches to how to get motivated to exercise and reduce weight.  But our main emphasis is that it has to come from within if it is going to be valuable. We can employ personal trainers to help with our fitness, or report back to friends as to our improvement, but it must be inner directed.  Success or failure is going to only originate from the person, and the way that person is motivated.

How to Get Motivated to Exercise5 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

1. Make your objectives explicit. You must truly commit to your goals to be properly motivated.  Ambiguous aims such as, “I’m going to start losing weight,” are not targeted enough.  Instead, use goals like, “I’m going to lose one pound per week over the next ten weeks,” and then lay out an explicit plan to meet those attainable goals become much easier to visualize.  In this case you have laid out quantifiable goals, and then add in the emotional investment by visualizing what you will look like when you have lost those ten pounds.

2. Set out a line of attack. Your strategy must start off with a good eating habits, then a specific agenda for how that diet can be incorporated into your daily routine.  Exercise without a proper eating routine will make attaining your weight-loss goals nearly impossible. An article Does Water Help You Lose Weight brings to light why water must be a staple in your diet.

Busybody Exercises for Bodies Too Busy to Exercise

Busybody Exercises for Bodies Too Busy to Exercise

3. Establish optimistic, achievable targets.  Your attainable targets have to be ones that can be accomplished using measures that won’t do long-term harm to your health.  There are many Spartan-like diet programs that might take weight off, but the cure may be worse than the disease.  How to get motivated to exercise must include a diet that is sustainable long-term.  And keep the targets upbeat and optimistic, such as how you visualize yourself to look, not how you hate to look.

4. Share in your progress.  It is always a great motivation if there is someone who you can share your achievements with.  Ideally that would be someone who is as emotionally involved in your objectives as you are, and someone who will not only give you praise for your success, but encouragement and occasionally “tough love” when you falter.  Keep in mind that they sometimes walk a fine line, and occasionally will say the wrong thing at the wrong time, so be patient with them.  If they truly have your best interests at heart, both of you will get past it.

5. Keep your eye on the long-term vision.  When we use the term “diet” it automatically locks us into thinking short-term, and when the diet is over, we can go back to our old bad habits.  Of course we know where that leads to.  Our diet should be our way of life, and that should be for the rest of our lives.  Our bodies then become accustomed to that lifestyle, and we no longer need motivational techniques to keep us on course.

We can encode our body just as a computer gets programmed. Pick out the foods that will gain you muscle, as they will help you gain lean muscle to look and feel better while they help to burn fat.  When we program our bodies properly, over a period of time that is what it’ll come to anticipate, and how to get motivated to exercise will come naturally.


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