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How to Raise Metabolism With This Workout Agenda

Approaches to How to Raise Metabolism

To become even more effective on how to raise metabolism, consider what your body needs during different parts of the day.  Everyone has a “body clock”, and your nutrition you need will vary depending on how your body clock operates.  When you can match these properly, you will give yourself the best opportunity to elevate your metabolism 24 hours a day.  The following are some of the ways you will best  increase your metabolism morning, noon and night.

Most of us would agree that the best way to burn fat is too have it working 24/7.  See which foods that can do this, and put them together with these exercise routines and you can be losing weight while you sit at the computer.

How to Raise Metabolism in the Morning

How to Raise metabolismMorning. Most of us would agree that the morning is not the time of our greatest strength (studies say as much as 7% less compared with later in the day). To get our metabolism going in the morning we will want to stick to exercises like rowing, stationary bike or running at about 65% of our normal pace.  These workouts will probably be longer (as much as one hour), and the lower pace won’t force you to use your energy reserves.

Make sure you get a good nourishing breakfast with a lot of protein and complex carbs, as this food will stay in your system longer and allow you to stick to your food plan throughout the day. Try also to get some sunlight, as it an excellent source of vitamin D, which is a known metabolism booster and will help burn fat.

Afternoon Exercises and Diet for How to Raise Metabolism

Afternoon. Your strength is returning, but still not at 100% yet, so you’re not quite ready for the serious lifting of the day.  There is a study that shows for maximum calorie burn, running before weight training helps.  So try doing a ten-minute run, but a little different than you did that morning.  Now you want to ramp up the intensity, so do that with some interval cardio training.

After that carry out twelve minutes of your weight circuit, with a one minute maximum pause between reps.  You should be in and out of the fitness center in one-half hour.  In the afternoon try to maintain even short bursts of exercise such as climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator will help you to maintain your high metabolism.

Nutrition and Metabolism

Nutrition and Metabolism

Keep your lunch a small, nutritious one with sugars and carbohydrates definitely out.  If you will have to have a snack to get you through the afternoon, take a look at our piece healthy nuts.  These are an excellent snack food, and will increase your need for water.

Evening. This time of day is when you are your strongest, so this is when you will want to maximize your weight training.  We know through research that you can burn more calories with six sets of reps using heavy weights as opposed to twelve reps at lighter weights.

After you have completed your day of running at high metabolic rates, you are probably looking forward to a big dinner with an alcoholic beverage.  Remember that alcohol increases your calories, and as your body is processing that alcohol, you won’t burn fat.

As mentioned, if you really want to get into how to raise metabolism to the maximum, it can be a twenty-four hour mission, so there is little time to indulge. Now keep this in mind: what works great for some people is not going to be the right fit for others.  When we offer programs such as this, they are basic guidelines, but hopefully everyone will be able to ge something out of them.


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