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Intense Training

Benefits of Exercising Less, But More Intense Training

How would you like to drastically decrease your amount of time working out while dramatically enhancing your results?  That sounds like some too-wonderful-to-be-true commercial, and you’re thinking, “What’s the catch”.   Actually, there is really a catch.  It is that such intense training will not be stress-free.  High intensity interval training (HIIT) has taken hold as a genuine means of getting into shape and improving your health, and now studies are confirming their value.  But unless you feel some pain performing them, you aren’t doing them right.

To start with, what are the advantages from high intensity training that you do not get from normal cardiovascular training?

Three Benefits We Can See from Intense Training

1.    Gives a natural increase to human growth hormone production.  The growth hormone is vital to metabolizing protein (helping muscle growth), fat (boost fat loss) and carbohydrate (enhance insulin sensitivity).  This is important for the breakdown for body fat, and supports the increase of amino acid uptake, building leaner muscle tissue.  Carbohydrate metabolism will help to maintain blood glucose in normal ranges, also enhancing glucose syntheses within the liver.

2.    Becoming fit in reduced time.  Balancing time management with staying in shape is really a major reason why we do not go to the gym as much as necessary.  When we think we need a couple of hours to get a appropriate workout, most of the time we just don’t have the hours to devote. We can get more done in a few minutes of time, plus only have to do it a couple or three times a week, even the busiest folks can find the time for that.

3.    Works mutually the aerobic and anaerobic processes.  For optimum cardio gain it will be imperative that you work both these processes.  Many people become disheartened that they don’t see results doing an hour with the treadmill several times a week, because standard low-intensity cardiovascular exercise only works the aerobic.  High-intensity aerobic workouts benefit both processes.

There are several different approaches to high intensity interval fitness, and a few are more suitable for those in better shape.  But they are going to all follow these core principles:

1.    A short warm-up period for about three minutes.
2.    High intensity training, as grueling and fast as you are able to, for roughly 30 seconds.  You are trying to get your heart pace to the maximum, and low resistance and more repetitions is going to do this.
3.    A recovery time, the length depending on your level of conditioning.  For all those just getting into shape, reduce your tempo for around 90 seconds.
4.    Replicate the workout and recovery process as frequently as you can, building up to about eight for the 20 minute session.
5.    Go through a quiet down period, reducing the intensity level by at least one-half.

You know if you are performing these workouts properly if subsequent to each 30 second segment you’re sweating hard and out of breath.  You may experience a muscle burn with the increase with lactic acid.  Simultaneously, it is essential to listen to one’s body and do not push it farther than it can cope.  Build your resistance slowly and steadily for the best, and safest results.

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