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Muscle Gain Truth Tips for Gaining Muscle

Muscle Gain Truth Tips to Gain Muscle Through Diet

Muscle gain truth is hard to come by nowadays with all the chemical enhancements that are common place. But there are some essential rules that the natural bodybuilder needs to follow in order to gain muscle mass. First of all the importance of a good bodybuilding diet cannot be underestimated, as it is not the time in the gym that builds the muscle, it is the recuperation period and post workout nutrition that achieves the results.  So here we will give you six muscle gain truth tips for gaining muscle.

6 Things You Should Know about Diet

1.  You need to eat regularly every 3 hours, which will mean eating 5 to 6 meals a day. By eating small but frequent meals you ensure that your muscles are receiving a constant flow of protein and nutrients, while at the same time controlling your blood sugar levels. Digesting food is a thermogenic process, which involves the burning calories and the more muscle you build the more calories are required to maintain the muscle. Another reason to eat small meals is to ensure that you do not overload your digestive system. Do not forget when we say five to six meals we do not mean banquets, one meal can simply be a tuna sandwich and protein shake.

2.  You need high quality lean protein to gain muscle mass. Whey protein is the preferred source and the most biologically pure. Other good sources of protein are eggs, all white meats and tuna. Research states that you require at least one gram of protein for every one pound of body weight in your bodybuilding diet.

3.  Stay away for the simple carbohydrates.  These are the cakes, sweets and biscuits, they are worthless and will turn to stored fat in no time. Steer towards the healthy slow release complex carbohydrates predominantly found in wholegrain rice, brown pasta, wholemeal bread and all types of fruit.

4.  Include good quality fats into your diet.  Good sources include nuts, olive oil and oily fish. Good quality fats increase testosterone production, the main growth hormone responsible for gaining muscle mass.

5.  Recuperation is vitally important to gain muscle mass. Once a muscle has been trained always allow 72 hours before training that particular muscle again. This will ensure that all the micro tears imparted on the trained muscle have repaired and that the muscle is back to full strength.

6.  People ask if creatine is important for muscle gain truth is yes.  Creatine is well proven for creating optimum muscle size and muscle strength, so make sure you use it in your bodybuilding diet.

In order to gain muscle mass the number of calories ingested must exceed the number of calories burnt. Do not fall prey of the low fat diets, which significantly lower your caloric intake and at the same time lower your testosterone levels which inhibits muscle growth.

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