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Pilates for Weight Loss- How Can You Make It Work for You

Pilates for Weight Loss- Does it Work

Pilates for Weight Loss

Pilate’s followers have used these exercise routines to great benefit, and they are certainly a way to keep you in shape and help your flexibility. But does Pilates for weight loss really work?  Certainly any exercise program that gets your body moving as Pilates does is going to help as a part of your exercise program.  But with many people who adhere to it religiously, as the body becomes accustomed to the routine, to get the best results adjustments must be made.  All programs must add some diversification to the  approach to yield the maximum benefit.

What Is Pilates?

Let’s have a quick tutorial on the founder and how the program has evolved before we dig into how these routines can assist you.  The originator is Joseph Pilates, and he developed this fitness regimen in the early 20th century in Germany.  He was a believer in the interrelationship between the mind and how they it controls the muscles.  The target of his routines is better coordination, body strength and flexibility.

Pilates for Weight Loss w/DVD

Pilates for Weight Loss w/DVD

The main emphasis are on core strength and stabilization, and this is done with a variety of apparatus to train and guide body movement.  Resistance training is how each exercise group is worked, with equipment the guide.  The Pilates Method has developed into two separate disciplines: the Contemporary/Modern and the Classical/Authentic, which maintains the classic teachings.  Contemporary/Modern breaks the entire method into different parts and quite a few changes have been put into the originals.

How to Make Pilates for Weight Loss Work For You

If you decide that Pilates is the way you want to go, here is how to proceed.  First, don’t rush into things.  If you start off more deliberately you will be able to establish inner attention, proper alignment and develop a familiarity with the routines.  After you reach that comfort level, pick up the pace.  Most people that move forward with Pilates commit fully to the exercises and keep on a regimented basis.

By committing to each exercise we mean you must stretch to your fullest length on every opportunity, move precisely with grace and control, and breathe deeply.  This increases your exertion level, and long-run will increase weight loss potential.  You will progress and add equipment to your routines, or introduce new equipment to present your body with new challenges.  There is a good deal of exercise options as you advance in Pilates, but the users must adapt to these new challenges.

A tactic that some adherents to Pilates have used is a bit unique, but rather than increasing you resistance level they decrease it.  This provides the core muscles a different challenge as they try to maintain control and balance with the new weight.  Many people swear by Pilates, but it obviously isn’t for everyone.  It requires a different type of discipline for those that may be just looking to go to the gym for thirty minutes of aerobic routines.  And of course there are other workout routines you may want to check out, such as Bikram Yoga.

Some of the celebrities that use or have used Pilates are golfers Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam, basketball players Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, and Oprah Winfrey, who claims “Pilates has changed my life”.  Because so many people have used Pilates for losing weight and also for superior overall health, it is something you should at least consider.


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