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Resistance Training for Women- Six Reasons to Use It

Why Resistance Training for Women Is Invaluable

resistance training for women

More Women Are Now Doing Resistance Training

A new idea is beginning to grow in the strength-building world, but it is still catching on.  Resistance training for women over 40 is an idea that would have been unheard of only a few years ago.  But women are now seeing the advantages of resistance training, and many are getting into muscle building programs.  But even so, going to a fitness center these days you will still see nearly all women still doing cardiovascular training.

There are many reasons why women should get involved in resistance training, and we will give a few here, with special emphasis on why it is important for the health of women over 40.

Resistance Training Lowers Your Injury Risk

Weight Work for Women

Weight Work for Women

1.    Lower your injury risk. The obvious advantage is developing more powerful muscle mass, but possibly even more significant will be the strengthening of joints and connective tissues.  This can be done with weights much better than with aerobic training.  A recent study showed that there was a 80% chance of reducing or eliminating ache in the lower back by strengthening muscles in that area.

2.    Reduce the risk of osteoporosis. By including calcium in the diet and with six months of exercising with weights, it was revealed that spinal bone mineral density could increase by as much as 13%.

3.    Muscle without bulk. Women have always been skeptical of the fact that they would bulk up if they lifted weights.  They will develop muscle definition and tone, but because women have 10-30% less muscle-building hormones than males, they will not bulk up.  Everyone generates testosterone, but males have it in much higher amounts.

4.    To get rid of body fat.  Tests have shown that an average woman who does resistance training 3 times a week for 2 months is going to gain about 2 pounds of muscle and lose over 3 pounds of fat.  Lean muscle raises resting metabolism, and that increase in metabolism burns calories.  Each pound of muscle you gain will let you burn 35-50 extra calories each day.

5.    Become physically more powerful.  Chores that would require more strength will be easier, allowing anyone who gets stronger to be more self-sufficient.  Chores that require a bit more strength are going to be easier to accomplish as you get stronger.  In addition, research has shown that even moderate strength fitness could enhance women strength at the similar rate as men.

6.    Reduce the danger of diabetes and heart disease.  Research tells us that weight exercise for women may increase the utilization of glucose by 23% in four months.  This will dramatically lessen the danger of diabetic issues.  Heart health can also be enhanced in a number of ways, including lowering LDL cholesterol and blood pressure reduction.

Resistance Training for Women Can Help Your Mental State

Perhaps even of greater importance will be what it can do for your mental health.  A Harvard study said that ten weeks of strength training was able to reduce clinical depression more than counseling.  The endorphins released with exercise is going to raise the mood naturally.

Endorphins are natural feel good chemical substances, and exercise releases them as well as adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine.  Finding a good fitness center for your needs should be a priority, and one which is able to suit your weight training needs is going to be just as important for women as for men.


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