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Statins and Exercise

How Statins and Exercise Influence Our Health Outcomes

Statins are prescription drugs that are shown to reduce cholesterol levels in many people, and are probably currently the most prescribed drug in the world.  But are they the important wonder-drug that their marketing has led us to assume?  And could some of their after-affects be producing undesirable outcome after we exercise?  We are finding out more about the effects of statins and exercise, and how they affect our overall health.

We have been told that cholesterol triggers various health issues, and as a consequence the objective should be zero levels of cholesterol.  Yet nothing could be farther from the truth.  Tests have shown that you’ll require a certain amount of LDL, or bad cholesterol to add muscular mass.  But it has received a bad press because it is believed to cause buildup on blood vessel walls, triggering the slowing of blood circulation which can lead to heart problems and stroke.

We Need Some of this “Bad” Cholesterol

The fact is, lacking any “bad” cholesterol our system wouldn’t be able to perform.  Bad cholesterol repairs and more than that builds muscle during weight training, and so-called “good” cholesterol, also known as HDL, cleans up after the repair is finished.  In lieu of attempting to eliminate it, we ought to have an understanding of how vital it really is and how to best control it in our systems.

Physicians have recommended both statins and exercise to lower the possibility of cardio disease.  The two of them have been demonstrated to do the job, but assessments have shown that when focal groups that have used resistance training alone, they experienced a 10 percent cardio-respiratory fitness improvement.  Those only using statins had merely a 1.5% increase in fitness.  Furthermore, when exercise and statins were being combined the poorest results were seen, most likely meaning that statins and resistance training don’t function mutually.

Exercise has shown to Allow Muscles to Utilize Energy Efficiently

Maybe even more importantly, the particular groups were tested for the ability of those muscle tissue cells to proficiently transform glucose and oxygen into energy.  This of course has a great deal to do with our personal stamina and ability to recover, as well as how we age.  The group that only worked out enjoyed a 13% increase in performance, while that statin-only set had a real loss of 4.5%.  In other words, their muscular tissue turned out to become less efficient at utilizing energy.

Are we ready to suggest we ought to end using statins?  The assessments did show huge reductions in both LDL cholesterol (38%) and HDL cholesterol levels (29%).  Although we’re now questiong our previous thinking that cholesterol isn’t as bad as once imagined, nobody is saying that too much cholesterol in our system can’t have detrimental outcomes on our healthiness.  It is now held through tests much like the one sited previously, exercises are your best choice to influence cholesterol levels.  But not everybody is in position to have the ability to exercise, and statins may be the only option.

The fact is, we just can’t be certain of anything lacking additional testing and knowledge on the subject.  There is a large amount of information behind the benefits of statins in protecting against heart problems.  But for most people, we should always depend on exercise for keeping our cholesterol busy doing its proper work.  But also we must use diet to control the correct quantity of cholesterol which goes into our body.

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