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Warm Up Exercises and Overcoming Back Pain

Ways to Overcome Back Ache and Still Exercise

Inactive muscles lead to obesity, and when you have back ache it makes it extra demanding to keep your weight down.  Obviously the best means around this issue would be to make sure the back area is kept strong, and keeping your back area in mind with proper warm up exercises constitute major preventive upkeep.  In light of that, you might not want to do physical exercises which overexert or produce damage or injury to joints or muscle tissue.

So what type of exercises may you do when you might have back ache, or more particularly lower back ache, and that is most common with athletes and weekend warriors.  It’s important how debilitating the ailment is, naturally.  But let’s say you’ll be able to walk, stand, or pick up light objects, we’ll assume your lower back pain will be at least manageable.

Some Warm Up Exercises You May Consider

1.    Water aerobics.  Most entail activities in waist-deep water.  These exercises are low impact and will be relatively stress-free on the back.

2.    Swimming.  Stay with the breaststroke or backstroke to cause the minimum stress on your back, but any swimming provides great cardio if you do not fully extend your body.  The water resistance will build back strength and over time will relieve back pain.

3.    Exercises that make use of body weight.  Squats and knee pushups that do not use added weight are as a rule safe, because the amount of weight employed  is not going to be excessive.  Just be sure to prevent the lower back from bending.

4.    Weight equipment.  Provided you employ the proper exercises techniques, it is possible to make use of weight equipment without further aggravating a back injury.  If you sit up straight and pull in the stomach throughout the course of the routine, your stomach muscles will support your lower back.  When pain free in a seated position, the machine’s controlled motion will be less risky than free weights which will require balance.

5.    Recumbent bicycle.  While riding a bicycle which places you into a laid-back reclining situation, your weight is going to be more comfortably dispersed over a larger area.  This exercise is going to head off back pain you would probably get if you peddled sitting upright on a regular bike.

Never do these Exercises with Back Pain

1.    Exercises that get painful.  At all times, listen to what your body tells you.  When an activity is painful, you are irritating something, and that will not encourage healing.

2.    Bending at the waist.  Every drill which involves repetitive waist-bending, such as crunches or dead lifts, becomes unhealthy to your lower back.

3.    Holding weights away from your body.  These workouts have to have your back, and predominantly the lower back to be involved to offer balance and stability.

Back pain can lead to the lack of exercise, and that can lead to overweight and obesity.  The combination of lower back pain and obesity can make it very difficult to exercise, but not impossible.  If you’re properly motivated, there is always a means for overcoming a physical handicap to get on a frequent exercise routine.




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