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Warm Up Stretches- Why Your Preworkout Schedule Is So Imperative

Warm Up Stretches Prior to Your Work Out

Proper warm up stretches are something that we may not get immediate payback from, that is until we pull a muscle or otherwise injure ourselves during our training.  Stretching out is important for everyone of every ages, but for those getting a little older when the muscles are not quite as supple it becomes especially vital.  But if everyone would take them seriously, even those getting into strength training, good habits will lead to better health.  Here are some reasons why and a helpful workout plan.

Why Warming Up Is Important

Your body goes through a series of changes when you start exercising.  First your body’s respiratory rate increases, then you will have a push in blood circulation, which means nutrients and oxygen will be delivered to the cells at an elevated rate.  Keeping them regulated so they gradually increase rather than suddenly spike will decrease the stress on the system.

Warm up Stretches

Use What Works for You

The idea going into your exercise routine is to properly prepare the nervous system, loosening up the muscles and joints, and finally heightening your mental awareness.  The whole process allows the heart enough time to make the switch to the quicker pace.

Warm Up Stretches Is More Important As We Age

Aging makes the situation even more critical.  Our muscles and connective tissues get less supple as we age, and the heart and lungs as well as other organs don’t have the same vibrancy.  Sudden jolts of activity make us more susceptible to stroke and heart failure without properly warming up. Exercises such as Pilates and yoga usually begin with low intensity start-ups.

So how do we get started?  Anything that gets the heart beating at an increased rate, such as jogging, cycling or fast-paced walking can be done.  Then gradually elevate the tempo until the heart rate begins to increase.  This will vary depending on your level of fitness.  If you are working out in the cold you may want to go a little longer, but generally five minutes should be enough.  You are not looking to get yourself exhausted at this point.

Proper Warm Up Stretches Begin After a Light Sweat

Anatomy of Stretching

Anatomy of Stretching

After a light sweat, do some stretching.  This will help your overall flexibility, but it is probably best to think of doing stretches for the overall body, not a specific area.

One exercise that we can get from yoga is to stand as upright as you can, arms extended over your head and hands clasped.  As you reach as high as you can go, with feet together and knees locked, reach as far as you can to the right and hold that pose.  Then do the same to the left, then backward, then forward until you extend and touch the floor.  You will feel that most areas of the body will be involved.

A key to stretching is never bounce. It can cause muscle pulls or small muscle tears that though you may not notice will eventually weaken the muscles over time.  Watch a cat stretch out; they stretch slow and hold the stretch for a period of time, and never rush.

Understanding ways to work out safely are necessary to keep away from injury.  Everyone should be working out, but taking the necessary precautions is as important as a workout by itself.


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