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What Is Obesity- a New way to Determine Overweight

Should There be a New way to Determine Overweight

What is obesity?  All of us are aware naturally that humans are becoming heavier, and there are many reasons.   This is an issue that’s plaguing most industrialized countries, and while this is all true, the way we measure obesity is going to go a long way in how we should deal with the issue.  Many of our solutions, of which an increasing number of governments are getting involved by trying to legislate the matter away, become much too generalized to provide any actual benefit.

That is not to say laws that limit or eliminates unhealthy additives isn’t a good thing.  Certainly eliminating trans fats is important, since they have been proven extremely harmful for health but present no benefit aside from making food taste better and preserve longer.  But technology has found ways around that, thus eliminating the need for this harmful additive.  And a great deal of that has been prompted because of legislation calling for the removal of Tran’s fats.  That’s to say, government getting involved is not inevitably a bad thing if it chooses its battles.

Often Legislation Is too Generalized

And when too often government comes in to create sweeping changes, they’re often based on sweeping statistics.  That could begin with what is actually “overweight”.  Much of that comes from what we see on the weight scale, and the perhaps more complex Body Mass Index, or BMI.  This is calculated on age, height and weight, and you can calculate yours by looking for an online calculator on Google.

But based on an article in Men’s Health, when Lawrence Dallaglio, an England rugby world cup winner, was during his prime had a BMI of 31, putting him in the obese range.  At the same time, his body fat was a really low 11%.  So if legislation was to target everybody with BMI greater than 30, they will be targeting the wrong guy, and there are many other people within this grouping.

To break overweight down additionally, the issue lies in where the weight is placed.  The kind of fat that has been associated with type 2 diabetes and heart disease is visceral fat, the type which surrounds our organs.  This will present itself in individuals with extra fat in the belly area. So if we were to put lower importance on BMI and much more on the place bad fat is in fact located, that should offer us the best indicator for health problems.

So here’s what a better measurement of well-being ought to be: ignore scales and use a measuring tape.


Here Is what to Assess

1.    Chest.  Calculate the full circumference of your upper torso in the nipple area.
2.    Waist.  Calculate the full circumference of the core at the navel.
3.    Hips.  Determine the full circumference of the hip area passing over the hip bone.
Take those numbers and divide the waist reading by the hip reading.  Then divide the waist number by the chest number.  Your score is going to fall into one of three ranges:

Underweight 0.8-0.9
Good weight 0.9-1
Overweight 1+

The point is: weight by itself might well be a significant indicator of a harmful condition, but not automatically.  If we are concerned with health, our main concern ought to be the place our fat is positioned.  This different way of measuring our weight is really a much better indicator.





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