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Why Muscles Get Sore

Why Muscles Get Sore, and What You Can Do

We have all felt sore muscles for a range of reasons, and a little discomfort isn’t likely to be avoided.  However, understanding why muscles get sore could be a first step to diminishing the intensity for muscle tissue soreness, since it is not inevitable that we have to always experience it’s intensity.  Diet and exercise can go a long way to relieving a great deal of your pain that goes with painful muscle pain.

Factors that Can Trigger Sore Muscles

1.    Aging and idleness.  Connective tissue binds muscle to bone via tendons, binds bone to bone by ligaments, and covers and unites muscles with sheaths known as fasciae. When we age, the tendons, ligaments, and fasciae get less able to extend. The tendons, with their tightly packed fibers, stand as the most difficult to stretch. The easiest will be the fasciae. But if they aren’t stretched to boost joint mobility, the fasciae shorten, placing excessive pressure on the nerve pathways within the muscle fasciae. Such aches and pains are the result of nerve impulses traveling along the pressured pathways.

2.    Immobility.  Sore muscles can be excruciating, due to the body’s response to a ache or cramp. With this reaction, known as the splinting reflex, your body automatically immobilizes a painful muscle by making it contract. Consequently, this muscle could set off a vicious sequence of pain.  First, an unused muscle becomes painful when exercised or held in an unusual pose. Our bodies will then respond with the splinting reflex, shortening the muscle connective tissue.

This causes additional pain, and ultimately the whole area is aching. One of the most typical places for this problem will be the lower back.  Insufficient potassium may be a cause, and understand how bananas can help your battle with sore muscles.

3.    Excessive exercise.  If you will have the philosophy of “no pain, no gain”, you probably are prone to push the muscles to the limit and beyond. The problem with a lot of people is they work out excessively thinking that it’s the fastest and the surest way to get rid of pounds or add muscle. Until they ache, they tend to pay no attention to their muscles and their connective tissue, even though they are what in fact keeps our bodies together.

4.    Muscle spasms.  Those excruciating, spontaneous muscle contractions may develop with or following physical exertion, and can without doubt cause muscles to be painful.  The health community continues to be in the theory stages as to the causes of muscle spasms.  First it’s thought that spasms will be caused by dehydration and electrolyte depletion.  The second theory is known as the muscle reflex theory, and that is slightly further complicated.  It states that extended times of exercise will cause an increase in the contraction reflex plus a reduction with the over-contraction prevention reflex in the drained muscles.  The change within the ratio of reflexes can bring about muscle spasms.

It’s vital that you know the limitations and capacity of our muscles to keep them from getting painful.  Proper hydration, eating the right foods to avoid electrolyte depletion, and keeping in shape by exercising regularly at a normal range are the keys to diminishing muscle discomfort.





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