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Work Out Nutrition to Get You Through Your Workouts

The Right Foods for Work Out Nutrition

Adding nutrition to our workouts is the only way to for gaining muscle, and getting the right foods for the best work out nutrition will feed that muscle-building.  It isn’t entirely how much time and energy you put into your workouts, but knowing  the the right diet, and understanding how they work with the body and the optimum times to consume them are some of the things we will discuss here.

We will examine three approaches to a healthy diet for work out nutrition based on three recent studies.  These examine the best foods and also the right time for increasing the extra fat you burn, which will boost your vigor and reduce muscle soreness.

Workout Nutrition Begins With a Solid Breakfast

1.    The best time to eat a high-cal breakfast.  Most people realize that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  We talk about why it is important and the types of food you should be looking to eat at breakfast. But a recent study in the Journal of Physiology brought an interesting slant on when you should eat breakfast.  It found in a six-week analysis that those who consumed a high-calorie, high-fat breakfast before they worked out gained an average of three pounds.  Those that ate an identical breakfast after their morning workout gained no weight.

High-Performance Nutrition: The Total Eating Plan to Maximize Your Workout

High-Performance Nutrition: The Total Eating Plan to Maximize Your Workout

Obviously it’s not fun exercising on an empty stomach, so you have to eat something.  So make it something like yogurt that will not cause the insulin spike that a large meal will cause.  When the body releases this insulin to help in the digestive process following that big breakfast, it blunts the adrenaline surge that you get from a workout.  This adrenalin is a fat-burning hormone, and without it less fat is burned, causing the weight gain in the group that had breakfast prior to the workout.

2.     Protein digestion as we age. It has been assumed until recently that we are less capable of absorbing and digesting protein as we get older.  A report recently was published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that twenty grams of protein taken post-workout can regardless of age increase muscle building.  A high protein diet at any age can work wonders for building lean muscle, as long as you don’t overdo it.

3.    Post-workout muscle discomfort.

A British study says that we don’t have to put up with post-workout muscle soreness as we once thought.  Drinking one ounce of concentrated cherry juice twice a day for ten days helped in the recovery process over those that didn’t.  A few of the other juices that have these anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities are acai, blueberry, cranberry, grape,  and pomegranate.  These juices juices have qualities similar to those found in ibuprofen and aspirin.  They are excellent for work out nutrition, and should be included after you work out

Slow Release Refined Carbohydrates Provide Great Work Out Nutrition

When we are looking for those foods that provide the best work out nutrition, unrefined carbohydrates will be on the top of our list.  Unrefined carbs are rich in vitamin, minerals and fiber, all necessary for the production of energy.  These natural fiber foods are responsible for maintaining proper blood sugar levels and for weight control act as a barrier in the digestive system for controlling appetite.

Insulin plays a huge function in fat storage, so keeping it under control is imperative for weight control.  Best examples of slow release carbohydrates are oatmeal, bran cereal, and whole wheat products.  By consuming them around three hours before your workout will also help you burn extra fat.



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